La Fontelina Beach Capri - Custom: 120 cm x 180 cm with Facemount


There are seven natural wonders of the ancient world and if I had a choice I would add an eighth and it would be this beautiful beach on Capri, called La Fontelina.

You see beaches like this one require a big vision and some sweet soul had one! They saw the most spectacular water on the planet and decided let’s make this a place so fabulous that people will one day travel from all over the world to eat our fresh fish, sun themselves in our blue and white deck chairs and possibly fall in love with the person at the next table.

And that big vision came true, La Fontelina is an international favourite. Just the sight of this beach makes you want to pack your raffia beach bag, fold your bandana in a little triangle over your hair, whack on those big glasses and hit ‘book’on the ‘fly to Capri’ button. And who knows how many people have fallen in love here!!


Custom size of 120 cm x 180 cm on Inkjet Print Metallic Paper full bleed with facemounting in perspex.


Allow a week to 10 days for your order date for your print to be sent as it will be printed especially for you. Large images are sent with a courier and tracking number and normally arrive within 2 weeks from the time it leaves France.